I've just had 8 grapes
Every clock I have is 8 minutes fast, to keep in sync with the original 8 minute fast one (that I can't change)
Octavia has 8 thousand arms

I feel gr8

That's it. Thanks.


hi, it's Rebecca here - thought it was about time I logged in on here and said hello. I've been busy making and doing things. But I will say more about these things another time.

I wanted to mention that at the end of last month, I was asked to do some vocals for a piece of music by the band 100 Bullets Back. It was good fun. The song is called 'Anger Management Co.' I was singing about 'insomnia' and 'herbal tea'. I found the lyrics interesting. I will let you know when there is something completed that can be heard. I am now going to have some Dr. Stuart's herbal tea. It's a good tea bag for pranks. Plant one of these in someone's tea caddy. It smells like death.


A quick little post to let y'all know that Cogwheel Dogs will be playing in support of Thomas Truax later this week:

Thursday 4 September
Bullingdon Arms, Oxford (map)