Last night's gig at the Purple Turtle (courtesy of BeardMuseum) was thoroughly enjoyable. Accustomed to playing in small, low-ceilinged places with interesting walls, we felt entirely at home. Rebecca created a tiny blu-tac fairy to commemorate the occasion, which now perches somewhere in the Purple Turtle.

We very much enjoyed listening to our co-performers (The Black Hats and Richard Walters).

We enjoyed playing at the Carling Academy on Thursday – and were only mildly disconcerted by the uniform stickiness of the floor. We'll upload some photos as and when we lay hands on them.

One thing (sticky floors aside) with backstage areas, though: why always copious beer + conspicuous lack of bottle-openers? Normally, a bottle-opener is just the kind of mechanical implement we'd have to hand. But not, alas, on Thursday night. So Rebecca made fine, though unorthodox, use of a convenient loo door instead.

Thanks to all who came to the gig, and to Tunng and Eugene McGuinness, both of whom it was a pleasure to support.

A week or two ago, Cogwheel Dogs went into our tiny garage-room, plugged in a couple of microphones, picked up our instruments, and (to summarise slightly) recorded what happened next. The results – four songs – are available for free download:

  1. Cress
  2. Power in Paper
  3. Surrealville
  4. Boats

We enjoyed recording/mixing these so much that, in all probability, we'll do the same again, soon. With different songs, obviously.