We have continued our aural experimentations and explorations, over the weekend. Our goal: the shimmering mirage-like prospect of our EP. Songs have been lined up, paraded and inspected (like so many toy soldiers), and arrangements sketched.

'Octavia' is beginning to take shape: stuttering cello figures, a pulsing guitar and – now – some pseudo-military snare drumming.

Sadly, though – midnight having passed some minutes ago – these and other myriad sonic possibilities must be abandoned for the night.

Cogwheel Dogs have spent the past few days in a caffeine- and raspberry-fuelled fest of musicmaking.

We are setting down the bones of our next opus - provisionally anticipated to take the form of an EP. So microphones were arrayed, guitar strings changed, and duvets strung up like (peculiarly inefficient) sails.

We concentrated on three songs: Power in Paper (a rough, 'unplugged' recording of which is available on our website), Octavia (snakes and ladders to a soundtrack of creaksqueaky chamber cello) and Kitchen (sliced eggs, scritchy electric guitars and dying insect drums).

It's all been most exciting.

Thanks to everyone, incidentally, that came to our Death Disco show on Wednesday. Our throats have just about recovered, now, to the extent that normal speech is possible.

Or whatever passes for normal speech in our world.

Two more articles on Cress have sprung up in delightful crannies of the blogosphere.

My New Favourite Band says that our music
... tip toes through the daisies one minute, and is slashing at the pretty little flowers with a big spade the next. It's all everso slightly left of centre. And we do like ever so slightly left of centre.

Cogwheel Dogs have a faint shimmer of Dry period PJ Harvey about them, never a bad thing, and there's a very similar, very strong songwriting sensibility at work here. If we were betting folk (what? Oh), we'd say these two are going places. Ask Alan Mcgee who's booked them to for his Death Disco night at Notting Hill Arts Club on July 16. If you live in London, check them out for us will you and report back? Thanks.
Meanwhile, Scribblings with Green Chalk is enchanted by our attic-based recording habits, and urges us to write an attic-themed song:
I most definitely lack talent to give you a verbal taste of what to expect when you click over here. I’m impressed by Rebecca’s blog, the band’s website – I’m a sucker for visual wit, I’m afraid. As for the sounds: I like where these songs are going. They are going places and can take you there, which is what songs, essentially, should do. That’s a great beginning and I’d love to see where the songs go from here. I hope there’s a song about the attic somewhere along the way ...