Cress received an extremely positive review in online music magazine Noize Makes Enemies. Reviewer Paul Richards writes about the combination of defined, captivating vocals and experimental cello.

"It's not often you get to discover a piece of music that really takes the words right out of your mouth... This is something truly impressive, something you won't look back from and something as unique as it is beautiful!"

Cogwheel Dogs supported Eliza last night. Rebecca wore blue suede shoes and red stockings. Less distinctive in the footwear department (but hardly less sartorially remarkable, all things considered) were Tom and Chris – the latter of whom joined us onstage for the first time, adding drums and percussion to Cress, Ducking Stool, Anticoagulant and Queues.

The latest edition of Nightshift – Oxford's main music paper – includes a review of Cress.

"Tom's cello strapes and wheezes obnoxiously around Rebecca's more tenderly-strummed melody ... giving [Cress] an urgent bite that most acoustic pop lacks."

"Like the plant it takes its name from, 'Cress' is an odd little thing at first glance ... but with a little patience the end result is unexpectedly rewarding."

We're playing a live session on this week's The Download programme on BBC Radio Oxford. By the time you read this, indeed, it may well already have happened.

Edit: Well, yes, we did this, and were live on your airwaves, playing live versions of Anticoagulant and Cress, as well as our own improvised 'jingle'. Meanwhile, our kind hosts Tim, Dave and Alex munched on some dried fish. All good clean fun.

Our debut single, Cress, was featured on the UKTX program of independent alternative radio station 101X. Based in Austin, Texas, the station showcases one UK band each day on UKTX. They've also written about us, and embedded a video of Cress on their Lawless Blog.

BBC SubCulture also played and said nice things about Cress, on their Thursday show last week. There's a link to listen again on the Subculture webpage (top right) – though you'll need to do so before Thursday 28 Feb.