We continue in dogged pursuit (thank you, ladies; thank you, gentlemen) of our autumnal goal: the recording of an EP.

Having been beleaguered by buzzes (persistent, seemingly unbanishable hums emanating from our recording equipment), we have been frustrated by slow progress. But momentum has returned.

Several songs – Power in Paper, Octavia and Spit – are at preliminary mix stage, with Kitchen hot on their heels. It's exciting business, dear reader, exciting business.

Meanwhile, in evidence of our productivity, here's a photo of Rebecca recording a guitar take.

The following: photos of our underground gig on Thursday. Pun intended.

(All photos taken by Bronagh McCrudden)

Here is our blog, as rendered by the rather superb Wordle.

Sorry about the mess.

We're in the process of gutting and rebuilding our blog. The spartan construction you currently see is not here to stay. Think of it as the canvas before the attack of the mad oil-painter.

(Cogwheel Dogs. We Don't Care If We Shift Metaphors Mid-Paragraph.)

We'll do our best to have the place scaffolding-free and spruced-up for your next visit ... We're currently taking a tea-break and wolf-whistling at a few goodlookin' folk (back to the first metaphor, now. Keep up.) – but we will soon throw up a fine new edifice.

(Cogwheel Dogs. We Carve Butter So That You Don't Have To.)