We're proud to present a photo or two taken from last week's brace of gigs. On Wednesday, we played at Death Disco (at Notting Hill Arts Club - a venue one can scarcely help but adore) - again, augmented by the inspired percussive antics of Chris Browne on drums.

And on Friday - this time drum-free - we were back in Oxford: an OxJam gig organised by Stuart of Sunnyvale Noise Subelement fame (who also played). Headlining were the Half Rabbits. Oxfordbands.com reviewed the gig thus:

Angular guitar-and-cello duo Cogwheel Dogs got the evening off to a more-than-decent start, with an immaculately played set of occasionally awkward, but often highly potent ballads. Latest single ‘Cress’ is a grower (pardon the pun) and tonight is performed with tremendous bluesy brio. The excellent, misty-eyed ‘Ghostwriter’ doesn’t suffer much from the absence of the hypnotic typewriter which graces the record, and even the underwhelming-on-CD ‘Anticoagulant’ seems better balanced tonight, with Rebecca Mosley’s ever-more-authoritative singing keeping Tom Parnell’s screeching cello from freaking out the squares just that little bit too much.
(Read the full review on Oxfordbands.com)

If you so desire, you can see an assortment of photos of the OxJam gig on Flickr ...

Cogwheel Dogs are pleased to unveil our new website.

Please - be our guest: explore. Let the adventure begin.

Our song Cress features on Premiere Evasion - a compilation released by independent Parisian record label Rabeat's Cage - alongside songs by Jonquil (MySpace), Eberg (MySpace), Sunnyvale Noise Subelement (website; MySpace)  and Hreda (MySpace).

You can order a copy of the compilation via the Rabeat's Cage MySpace page (paypal accepted) - and we'll soon be selling copies at gigs.