...are a turning.
Of the Cogwheel variety.

One half of Cogwheel Dogs (Rebecca) will be joining Ally Craig (of Bug Prentice fame) for a gig at Helen and Douglas House, Cowley this afternoon, 6pm.

Half a Cogwheel Dog (Rebecca) will be making at small guest appearance with Ally Craig and Ruth Goller of Bug Prentice fame at Modern Art Oxford, as part of the all day Oxjam event. Their set begins at 10ish...

Rebecca is very excited today about joining Mr Ally Craig, of Bug Prentice, for a spot of singing, for this fine event:

I'm busy working on an edit of our Ghostwriter video, shot at the unspeakably wonderful derelict grain silo outside Oxford.

I hope I'll have finished soon. Meanwhile, though, here are some video stills for you to look at.

This is just the documentary footage of our getting in and out.
The film itself is to follow.

Yes. It is today.


Our new EP, Greenhorn. Out today.

Here's a download. First of all, a zip file containing the whole EP; then the individual tracks:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Spit
  3. Power in Paper
  4. Octavia

Please help yourself, and spread liberally. Like butter.

Does anyone complain about people sharing butter? No. Well we won't complain about you sharing our songs. Indeed, we hope you will.

Don't leave your friends with dry bread, will you?

Oh, yeah, I should probably have mentioned that you can also buy Greenhorn on iTunes. But why would you, when you can download it free? Maybe you're just an anachronistic altruist. If so, far be it from us (humble, deferential us) to discourage you ...